Microvellum Training – Beginner to Advanced

Microvellum Training is one of the most tabu subjects in our industry.  We have heard the same story over and over again about how you were not given the right amount of training, or even the proper training.  Microvellum Training is not that difficult if you know how to relate it to your subject.  Not everyone learns the same way, and not everyone needs a whole day to learn the basics.  We tailor our training around how YOU learn.

What Level Are You?

To begin training we must first ascertain what level you’re currently at with Microvellum.  We want you to get the most bang for your buck.  We don’t want you to review training materials that you’re already comfortable with.  We want to get you outside of that comfort zone and start learning what scares you.  We want you to become a fearless Microvellum engineer.


Beginning Microvellum users have mastered the art of drawing walls.  They will have a full understanding of how to place library products on the walls and at the correct locations.  Beginning users will have the basic understanding of how to product Microvellum shop drawings.


Intermediate Microvellum users have mastered all of the beginning fundamentals.  Intermediate users will have an expanded knowledge on how to modify products by using the prompts screen, and the part properties menu.  Intermediate users will understand the underlaying properties that drive 2D shop drawings as well as the 3D models. Intermediate users will begin to have an understanding of subassemblies and the function of each spreadsheet.


Advanced Microvellum users have mastered all of the intermediate fundamentals.  Advanced users will begin to have an intimate knowledge with each level of Microvellum and how to manipulate them.  At this level advanced users will begin customizing and creating their own products.  Users will have basic understanding of how to create Microvellum products from scratch.


Microvellum guru status is a rare breed.  At this level the user will have a complete understanding of the entire Microvellum system and how each area of Microvellum operates.  These are the fearless few, the ones who can dive into any problem within Microvellum and know exactly where to go to fix it.  If you want to reach this level of knowledge you’re in the right place.
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